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Cooking with love provides food for the soul. I love cooking. Cooking  is my favourite activity because it is a way for me to reduce stress and it makes me feel happy. I always enjoy cooking for others. It builds up relationship and brings grand children close to me. I started cooking at the age of sixteen, with no knowledge about it.

At first I struggled, and boldly started to do experiments in cooking. It was mandatory for me to cook. I fully concentrated and slowly learnt to cook even for a big family.

Trying new recipes is my hobby and my experience influenced me to invent new recipes. Cooking is a combination of subjects of Maths, Chemistry, Philosophy, Biology, Arts and Crafts.

It helped me to cook good food and get appreciation from family members and guests. It gives me immense pleasure, happiness and satisfaction.

Today Recipes

Our chef is preparing fresh dishes every day, check what is in the menu today!

Vatta Kulambu

A great plate with healthy ingredients, suitable for vegans too.

Tomato Chutney

A great plate with healthy ingredients, suitable for vegans too.

Our gallery

From Gruhalakshmi to Gruhalakshmis at their gruhas

This is the quotation of blessings shower on Gruhalakshmis for their love, serving of delicious Food and hospitality towards the …

About us
Cooking or cookery is the art, technology, science and craft of preparing food for consumption. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, from grilling food over an open fire to using electric stoves, to baking in various types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions and trends.
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