Yours is an organization functioning in an ever evolving competitive market. You'd like to increase your influence. You'd like to push your sales Higher.

You require a qualified team of marketing professionals who works dedicatedly to help you enhance market penetration, generate hot opportunities, fill up sales pipeline and keep you busy by pouring in genuine clients.

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Our Mission

Entering new business domain or pushing the sales bar higher for your existing business requires careful study and analysis of prevalent market trends.

Studio 52 IOS team helps in generating market intelligence on consumer buying trends and demand pattern for your product or services in the market you intend to operate.

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Clever sales and marketing support team is crucial for success of any project.

We help you save the entire painful process of hiring, monitoring and maintaining your team, their payroll, employee benefits and the politics that comes with it.

We are completely plug & play. This converts into huge saving of cost, time, efforts and opportunity.

Our deal is result oriented. Our multi-layered chain of command and human-driven team approach is geared to insure relevant results are delivered.

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You first need to knock on the doors of your potential clients, setup a meeting, make presentation to people who matter, continue your follow-ups, meet again If required, build a rapport and create a positive atmosphere enough for your potential client to sign on dotted lines.

We've got the key to your customer's door.

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4 Fantastic Options

Sales Booster Digital Marketing STUDIOS


  • Detailed research and analysis is conducted on your product and services, such as; consumer search patterns, possible demand for the product, consumer trends etc.
  • Detailed analysis is done on your existing GO-TO-MARKET materials and recommendations are prepared.
  • A dedicated Sales & Marketing professional with a minimum MBA qualification is assigned to support go-to-market strategies that includes Prospecting, Email communications, Tele-Calling. Although they sit in our office, they work for you.
  • SUCCESS MANAGER is engaged to guarantee results. You don't need to micro- manage.


  • Holistic lead generation designed according to target buyer demographics
  • Scheduled B2B email campaign with real- time responses and data collection
  • Continual research and development of new leads and markets
  • Tailored tone and message in accordance to brand guidelines
  • Lead-cycle management to ensure leads stay hot and cold leads are not forgotten
  • Sustained support of existing customer relationships

Who can benefit from IOS

Small & Medium Businesses

Enterprises looking to expand their reach and make more profit.

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CEO & Directors

Decision makers with too little time to micro-manage a sales and marketing team.

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Sales Managers

Quota-hunters looking to fill their diaries with closable

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